Pastor Annanda Barclay

Annanda obtained her M.Div. at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  She is a Fund for Theological Education Ministry Fellow. Over the past year she has been a Youth Ministry Assistant at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, IL. After graduating seminary Annanda spent a year as a student chaplain at University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center. Her services to the Church and denomination include being Co-Moderator of the national board of directors for More Light Presbyterians, and an occasional blogger for Believe Out Loud. She serves and works with various groups to strategically advocate for intersectional justice, love and kindness. Annanda has a deep reverence for God’s grace made manifest in how we love and honor our selves and God’s creations.  She enjoys pilgriming about life, nerding out on eco-housing, going to concerts, film, food, and finding the Divine in the outdoors, strangers, friends, family, and her beloved dog Wes. She also enjoys a good old fashioned hootenanny.

In addition to MBCC, she juggles her time between being an interim Chaplain at University of the Redlands Graduate School of Theology (formerly San Francisco Theological Seminary), and being a Chaplain Intern at the Stanford Medical Center main campus. She writes, “As we find our balance and rhythm in these ever-changing times I want you to know my time with you all and this community matters to me, and I’m thankful for the ways in which we’ve begun welcoming each other, and learning ways to support and build trust. I’m so happy to be here. Ya’ll are a pretty cool bunch.”

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