Kristin Tatum

What I love about San Francisco?
I love being close to many beautiful parks to walk and hike in.

What I love about MBCC?
The sense of real community, our passion for social justice, and how we value discussing different points of view.  I am grateful for the people that I’ve met and the deep conversations we have.

Julio Delgado

What I love about San Francisco?
The diversity! There are so many cultures embedded in this community. With this richness of culture, it helps give me perspective, opportunities to know about different traditions, taste delicious cuisine, travel to various meaningful sites, and most importantly, humbly listen to the plethora of voices that speak to the uniqueness of this city.

What I love about MBCC?
MBCC has welcomed me the moment I stepped into their community. They create opportunities for me to contribute to its community with the skill sets I possess. They expand my faith in various directions and help channel that energy into positive work. They challenge me to continue to connect with God in meaningful ways. At MBCC, people of all walks of life connect and rejoice. Simply put, it is place where faith meets community.

Marc Jung (Clerk)

What I love about San Francisco?
I’ve always been a city person, so I would be bored in the suburbs. Everyone uses public transit a lot in San Francisco, so we don’t have to worry so much about gas prices and parking meters most of the time.

What I love about MBCC?
We have our own unique style here at MBCC and at the same time, we are an active part of the denomination leadership, not standing outside looking in.

Denise Kendall

What I love about San Francisco
I love the city of San Francisco for it’s creative culture, progressive spirit, diverse people, breathtaking scenery and fantastic wildlife—all within a 7×7 mile area.

What I love about MBCC
I love Mission Bay Community Church for realizing its location in SF—and the blessings and challenges entailed. I love MBCC’s commitment to a hopeful, graceful, inclusive, community embrace of Christ and God’s children. I’m grateful for leaders who support and challenge me to have and to be a presence of God’s loving (and laughing!) light. With a strong value of welcoming, MBCC gathers people from many parts of the city, and beyond, to worship, learn, support and be sent out to the world—knowing they are loved.

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