February 29, 2016 Julio Delgado

New Elder Spotlight: Julio Delgado

How did you know you were called?

Julio Delgado MBCC Mission Bay Community Church

I do not think I can pinpoint to one moment in which I felt called, but rather there were multiple factors that contributed to my calling. First off, the community welcomed me with such warmth that I had no problem connecting with various people, especially during dinner time. Second, the quirkiness of the church environment put me at ease. From the way people are casually dressed to the Hawaiian bread used for communion, MBCC has its unique flavor. Third, the way the church is set up helps invite change. The way we are allowed to have a dialogue with the pastor during sermon keeps me engaged, the various community events spearheaded by its community members inspires me, and the church’s mission for social justice empowers me. This leads me to the strongest source of my calling- Doubts and Stouts. The fact that we get to hang out in a bar to talk about religion is already fascinating enough, but the way people are challenged to grow stronger in their faith through tough questions moved me to be an elder. It was a great example of how our community has the foundation to grow and I wanted to help its growth in any way possible. Being an elder seemed like the right fit.

What are you most excited about in joining leadership?

Where to begin?! To start, I am looking forward to the collaboration and enthusiasm for new ideas and change. The leadership team is full of some of the most caring and genuine people I know. Their passion to help MBCC prosper will undoubtedly inspire me to come up with ideas that will foster community in our church. I am honored to have a platform where I can make an impact on the MBCC community. I look forward to talking to everyone at MBCC and listen to their stories and ideas in order to furthers MBCC’s faith mission. I am excited to see the administrative side of the church and see how all the gears work together to make MBCC such a wonderful church. I already have a great respect to those in leadership like Marc and Dawn who do a lot of the little things behind the scenes that may not get its full recognition. Finally, I am just excited to be part of an amazing team that challenges me to maximize my gifts and see the best in me.

What did the ordination experience feel like for you?

So overwhelming! I could not stop smiling! I was filled with so much joy. It was truly one of the most special moments in my life. To have a community support me and encourage me to take on this role is truly humbling. That kind of strong support gave me goosebumps. It is a bit crazy to be given such a big responsibility in less than 2 years of first setting foot in the church. Though, what put me at peace was how the community members stood up and laid a hand on my shoulder to rejoice with me in that moment. It was a fitting scene- my community right there behind me in my next big step in my faith journey.