Joseph Forgives

This month, we are exploring forgiveness. And today we turn to the story of Joseph forgiving his brothers. Listen now for God’s word for you. ​

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Is Forgiveness Conditional?

This month we are taking a look at what the Bible says about forgiveness. Last week we studied the great flood and Noah’s ark – God’s disappointment in the wickedness of humanity, the destruction of creation, and the forgiveness offered from to God Noah in the covenant.

Today we move into the New Testament, specifically to 1st John. It’s a message written to the Johannine early Christian community. The church at this time is struggling with the humanity and divinity of Christ. People are leaving the church because they’re not sure Jesus is necessary for their salvation. So, with that context in mind I invite you to listen now for the word of God for you.

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Noah’s Ark


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Preacher: Rev. Dawn Hyde

Scripture: Noahs’ Ark

Our scripture reading today comes from various chapters in the book of Genesis. You’ll find the reading in your bulletin or on the screen. Listen now for God’s word for you. ​

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