July 28, 2015 Rev. Dawn Hyde

Pakistan Educator Veda Gill 

We welcomed Veda Javaid Gill on Sunday, July 26th. She proclaimed the gospel to us from her unique perspective as Christian in Pakistan. 

Veda is the executive director of the Presbyterian Education Board. She likens her position there as a superintendent here. She is responsible to the board and oversees several schools – elementary through high school. Veda taught us some of our history. Our great great (probably a few more greats…) grandparents in the Presbyterian Church USA sent missionaries to Pakistan to start schools in the 1800s. These schools were taken over by the Government of Pakistan and then returned to the PCUSA in the early 1990s. 

She preached an encouraging word for us about having courage to live into Christ’s call. She preached from God’s call to Abram and Jesus’ call to the disciples, she shared with us several inspiring stories about how she and her community in Pakistan have lived out their faith with courage. 

It takes courage for Pakistani Christians to go to church, unsure if they will return home safely. 
It takes courage for the young girls in her school to speak up in society.
It takes courage for all of us to respond to Christ’s call for us. 

Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan are doing great ministry. Veda brought an inspiring word that connected us to her, to her community and schools in Pakistan and to our united mission in Christ.