Hope Project

In this season of Advent, we are participating in the “Hope Project.” The Hope Project calls us to listen to our neighbors to learn about the community’s hopes and dreams. On Saturday, November 22nd, a few of us walked the streets of the Excelsior neighborhood surrounding the church and in Dolores Park listening to the hopes of those around us. Many people hoped for peace, for safety and security and for happiness. Some needed basic things like a kitchen in their apartment or a job. Others hoped for their health and for the health of their loved ones. 

The greater church community is invited to participate in the Hope Project by asking someone (a coworker, family member, neighbor, stranger on the bus), this one question: “What do you hope for?” Write their hope on an ornament during worship and add it to our tree of hope. Throughout the advent season, we will collect these hopes and include them in our worship and prayer as we hope for Christ’s return. 

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