November 25, 2014 alanyoon

Small Group Bible Study

This group gathers for dinner, bible study and prayer on Monday evenings every other week. On this particular evening, we talked about how the magi followed a star to the manger (Matthew 2:1-12). We were amazed that both the leaders in Jerusalem AND foreign wise men knew Jesus was coming. We talked about how the magi used the science of their time (stars) to discover Jesus. We spent time sharing our own stories of how we are on a journey to the manger.   

Often, we talk about our journey following Christ in his adult life and ministry or even in his persecution, death and resurrection. On this evening, we got to consider Christ the baby, the newborn, the child. Jesus in a manger is an inviting image and it is a vulnerable experience. It was a night full of sharing our own stories and learning more about this bible story together. Email us if you want to be included the next time this group meets for dinner and bible study!