November 17, 2014 alanyoon

Dialogue Preaching

On Sunday, November 16th, our pastor Dawn Hyde was joined by the Reverend Christin Norman and they preached in dialogue form on Matthew 19:16-26. Christin and Dawn went to seminary together at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, GA. They both graduated in May of 2012 and as God would have it, they both ended up in the bay area pastoring churches! Dawn and Christin decided a few weeks ago that it would be fun to collaborate on preaching and began work on this dialogue sermon. They preached together! On Sunday morning Dawn traveled to Woodland Presbyterian Church (where Christin serves as pastor) and in the evening Christin traveled to us in San Francisco. 

Dialogue preaching reminds us that our faith isn’t a one way conversation between us and God. It’s not even just between us and the preacher and God. We are invited to open up the conversation to various perspectives and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we discern God’s word for us today. 

Check out the sermon online.