Small Group Bible Study

This group gathers for dinner, bible study and prayer on Monday evenings every other week. On this particular evening, we talked about how the magi followed a star to the manger (Matthew 2:1-12). We were amazed that both the leaders in Jerusalem AND foreign wise men knew Jesus was coming. We talked about how the magi used the science of their time (stars) to discover Jesus. We spent time sharing our own stories of how we are on a journey to the manger.   

Often, we talk about our journey following Christ in his adult life and ministry or even in his persecution, death and resurrection. On this evening, we got to consider Christ the baby, the newborn, the child. Jesus in a manger is an inviting image and it is a vulnerable experience. It was a night full of sharing our own stories and learning more about this bible story together. Email us if you want to be included the next time this group meets for dinner and bible study! 

Dialogue Preaching

On Sunday, November 16th, our pastor Dawn Hyde was joined by the Reverend Christin Norman and they preached in dialogue form on Matthew 19:16-26. Christin and Dawn went to seminary together at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, GA. They both graduated in May of 2012 and as God would have it, they both ended up in the bay area pastoring churches! Dawn and Christin decided a few weeks ago that it would be fun to collaborate on preaching and began work on this dialogue sermon. They preached together! On Sunday morning Dawn traveled to Woodland Presbyterian Church (where Christin serves as pastor) and in the evening Christin traveled to us in San Francisco. 

Dialogue preaching reminds us that our faith isn’t a one way conversation between us and God. It’s not even just between us and the preacher and God. We are invited to open up the conversation to various perspectives and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we discern God’s word for us today. 

Check out the sermon online.

Turning Wine into Water

Twenty five people from our church participated in a day of wine tasting sponsored by Vineyards to Villages ( Vineyards to Villages is a project of Global Partners and their primary goal is to help “turn Sonoma wine into African Water.” Ten family owned wineries have partnered through V2V to sponsor water initiatives in East Kenya. They’ve designated that 50% of the proceeds of a bottle of wine will go straight toward building wells in Kenya. 

Our group from Mission Bay Community Church visited three of these wineries: Viszlay, Christopher Creek and Merriam. We met the owners and learned about both their wines and their philanthropy efforts. Many of us bought wine that will help support the well-builds in Africa. 

Saturday was a day full of laughter, good food and tasty wine. We lived out the meaning of Koinonia, “Christian fellowship,” as we enjoyed one another’s company and came together to support a great cause. 

If you’d like to learn more about Vineyards to Villages, check out their webpage and plan to visit one of their ten wineries on your next trip to Sonoma! Keep an eye out in our announcements for upcoming koinonia events.

MBCC Kids! 

In baptism, we promise to help raise one another in the faith. We promise to teach the ways of Jesus and to care for one another in good times and in bad. Last Saturday, the kids of our church gathered for a day of Bible stories and play. Many of the kids referred to it as a “kids only church party.” Several adults (Colleen, Judy, Christine, Keith and Dawn) came with energy and love to uphold our baptismal promises to share our faith with MBCC kids. 
Together we learned the story of God leading Moses and the Israelites through the Red Sea to freedom (Exodus 15) and about how Jesus welcomes the children (Mark 10). Colleen helped us act out the stories and play with the themes of water, escape, freedom and welcome. 
We even got to practice how God split the Red Sea so the Israelites could cross to safety by playing with shaving cream and making a path with our hands. 
As we read, danced, played and colored together, we reminded each other of the love of Jesus Christ. A love that knows no age or ethnicity or play style. A love that welcomes all. 

Jesus reminds us that children often see and experience the Kingdom of God better than we do as adults (Matthew 18:3). My prayer is that as we continue to share our faith with one another, we learn and experience Christ’s kingdom breaking in today! 

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