Contemplative Prayer Group

Remember the movie Twister, that tornado movie from the 90s? Cheesy or not, it’s one of my favorites, and having grown up in Iowa, tornadoes have always been a part of life. I’ve always found them truly awesome—in the fullest sense of that word—as though this otherworldly finger is coming down from the sky to touch the ground.

I love Twister’s final scene. Unable to escape the tornado, the two lead characters strap themselves to a metal pipe and allow the tornado to pass right over them. The world swirls around them. Wood, metal, doors, tractors, farm animals, and more hurtle through the air. They’re lost in a cyclone of dust, debris, and noise.

That is until they get to the eye of the tornado. There is perfect silence. A blue sky. And peace.

Remaining centered has been a challenge for me. Life can be noisy—with text messages, emails, city noise, and bus rides. Life can be chaotic—through career changes, life transitions, relationships, health, depression. Life can be full of “stuff.” But I’ve found that silence—especially intentional silence—can be a wonderful gift and an opportunity to rediscover that center.

On Tuesday nights, MBCC hosts a Contemplative Prayer Group, and we invite people to sit in the eye of the tornado and find the blue skies while the world swirls around them. For one hour, we engage in various types of spiritual exercises (through prayer, meditation, and scripture) that invite God to spend time with us and invite us to spend time listening to God. Our practice focuses on Centering Prayer, a type of silent prayer that comes from early Christianity and the Catholic tradition. During this time, we spend 20 minutes in silence with the intention of resting in God’s presence and allowing God to work inside us.

It is my experience and my deepest hope that this Centering Prayer time overflows into our every day and allows us to experience peace and communion with God as we walk through life’s beautiful chaos.

~ Sam Lundquist

Food Pantry Re-Opens!

We have incredibly GOOD NEWS to share with you! The Excelsior Community Food Pantry will reopen 2 weeks from today on Saturday, September 13th!!  We are partnering with the Jewish Home of San Francisco to serve the hunger needs in our community. The pantry will reopen at their location on Mission St. and Silver (302 Silver Ave. SF 94112), just a few blocks from us. 

We are overjoyed to announce this next chapter in the life of our pantry. Members of our community have been working tirelessly to find the pantry a new home. Hayley Lam and Amelia Zimmerman especially have put hours of their time and energy into this process. Please send them a word of thanks!  Also, special thanks to Tom Pack and Jennifer Stringfellow for their legal guidance and to Michael Beadle for helping us with public relations. 

As we move forward, here are a few ways for you to be involved:

(1) Pray for the pantry. 
We give thanks to God for this new partnership with the Jewish Home and we ask that God continue to strengthen our relationship with them. We pray for our clients who have gone without food the two months between pantry closure and reopen. We pray for our volunteers (old and new) as we come together and serve our community.

(2) Come serve!
All volunteers are invited next Saturday, September 6th from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM to help us move to our new location and do a mock pantry set up. We’ll meet at our church and then move to JHSF. Also, on Saturday, September 13th (our opening day!) we’ll need extra volunteers to help provide a smooth transition. It’s simple to volunteer! Any Saturday, just show up at JHSF at 10 AM and ask how you can help!

(3) Behind the scenes.
If you have some time during the week and want to help with behind the scenes logistics of reopening the pantry, please contact Hayley Lam (

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