Welcome New Members

Today during worship, we welcomed 7 new members: Thomya Goode, Chris Kardish, Ellen Burroughs, Esther Lee, Brian King, Leigh Carter and Newton Lih. We celebrated this step in their faith journey by laying hands on them and praying for them. 

Membership is an opportunity for anyone who feels called to publicly commit to following Jesus and to being a part of our community as we seek to follow Jesus. During the worship service, our community commits to these individuals as well. We commit to grieve with them as they grieve and to rejoice with them as they rejoice. 

Our community of faith is a gift from God and we give thanks to get to walk this life of discipleship together! 

Spend or Invest?

The Reverend Doctor Ken McFayden led a seminar on Investing in the Kingdom of God. He challenged us not to spend any more money! Not on our ministries or worship or on our staff. Instead, he called us to invest. He encourages us to view each penny we give or spend as a church in the investment of God’s kingdom. We invest in our staff so that they can invest in the gifts of this community and in the world. We invest in our  worship and ministries so that we can grow as disciples. We invest in mission so that we can be a part of how God is building the kingdom of love in this world. Ken also encouraged us to reflect and clarify why we exist. Why do we, Mission Bay Community Church, exist? Our leadership team has articulated that we exist to facilitate connection to God through worship, community, and service. We have articulated that we receive Christ’s radical hospitality and then we share that hospitality with the world. 

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