June 30, 2014 alanyoon

Thank you Dawn!

Having been attending Mission Bay Community Church for less than a year, I can not imagine it without Pastor Dawn Hyde at the helm. She is a part of everything MBCC, participating in congregation led activities, being active in online discussions, and even cooking us dinner at her home every couple of weeks. She is someone I can talk to about my beliefs, qualms, triumphs, disappointments, and even my hilarious misadventures riding the 14 Muni bus.

When her two year anniversary with Mission Bay was approaching, several regular attendees drew up the great idea to show Dawn our appreciation for her service. An array of possibilities burst about the group as to how we could thank her, and just like the varied group that we are, we were not satisfied with just one idea. For the purpose of this post I will focus on one project, a video, that we put together for Dawn.

The vision was simple, the execution even more so. A short and somewhat silly video that allowed folks to voice their thanks in a manner that was comfortable, direct, and from the heart. It came together with little effort and even allowed me, its editor, to create something that, although not polished, is authentic to the spirit of MBCC.

Suffering from chronic camera shyness, I did not participate in the verbal and visual exclamation of gratitude, but I hope that it is evident within every frame just how grateful I truly am to my Pastor, and my Friend, Dawn Hyde.

Thank You Dawn.

~ Christopher Abreu Rosario