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So what makes MBCC so different?

MBCC is an unapologetically Christian church centered on a belief in Jesus Christ. Grounded in that belief, we encounter the world and all its complexities with integrity, authenticity, and a healthy dose of humor.With that said, how we go about living that faith in the world varies greatly among members. We think a diversity of thinking, grounded in Christ, is good for our community, good for the church, and good for the world. How we manage to live together amidst diverse views is one of the greatest witnesses to our faith in Christ to the world. This, of course, does not mean that all things go, nor does it mean we have a published lists of dos and don’ts.

Rather, we believe that Christ is Lord of our conscience and the community of believers—our community of accountability. With this in mind, MBCC is a place where people are encouraged to question and grow in their faith, pushed to act and risk in the world, loved when forgiveness is needed and asked for, and celebrated in times of new life and new beginnings. Read more about our beliefs and our worship.

Our Community

We cannot be Christians in isolation. The intrinsic nature of Christ’s teaching is all about our lives as part of and in relationship to a community. Being in community forces us to understand and confront complex issues of compassion, justice, morality, behavior, faith, love and on and on. Community is a fundamental part of being Christian, and—without a commitment to it—we are not being faithful to God’s claim on us as created children of God. Watch our video about our community

Our Ministries

While our worth and meaning in the eyes of God is never earned by what we do, if our faith means anything to us, it must manifest itself by faithful action in the world. If we truly understand that God has blessed each person with some gift, no matter one’s circumstance, we must each respond with a posture of gratitude and thanksgiving. Our current main projects are helping the Excelsior Community Food Pantry and new city-wide youth groupWe can never participate in too much faithful service to God and there will always be more to do. With that reality, we are always looking for new and passionate ways that we can further express our faith in the world, so if you have an idea and have some energy and passion around making it happen here at MBCC, please feel free to let us know.