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Our Staff / Leadership

Dawn Hyde, Pastor

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Rev. Dr. Leslie Veen, Parish Associate
The city of San Francisco stole my heart from the moment I visited it for the first time almost 30 years ago. With it’s majestic views, endless options for fun things to do (many of them for free), and ultimate walkability, I want to live nowhere else. And being a part of the MBCC community is an important part of my love for this city, offering a great mix of vibrant people, spirit-filled worship, and desire to serve God’s people in this area of the world.

Pete Feltman, Pastoral Assistant for Music

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Lacey Hunter, Seminary Intern

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Melissa Trujillo, MBCC Childcare Provider
My love for teaching and working with young children is rooted in my belief that educators have the unique and special task of imparting knowledge upon children during their most impressionable years as well as providing them with opportunities for cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. The opportunity to enrich a child’s life and to help them expand their minds through education, art, and literacy in order to become caring, responsible and productive individuals and members of society is unlike anything else! What resonates with me about Mission Bay Community Church is its passion for social justice, outreach, community and embracing diversity.


The Session is the primary decision-making body of the church. Made up of “Elders” the Session is responsible for working in partnership with pastoral staff to embody what it means to be Mission Bay Community Church now and into the future.

Christine Boles
What I love about SF – what is not to love??? For the most part, I actually like the fog, cleansing the air and allowing me to sleep snuggled under warm blankets most nights.
What I love about MBCC – the open, intelligent, engaging, questioning, loving community.

Gabrielle Anderson
I love hiking Bernal hill, bonfires at Ocean Beach, late Sunday brunches in the Mission, and Philz coffee anywhere and anytime! I love how MBCC has become my family — the community is warm, authentic, and embracing!

Joel Bylsma
I love the energy, cultures, cuisine and pace of San Francisco. I love its weather and proximity to the ocean. I love MBCC’s community, open-mindedness, unpressured environment, and commitment to social justice all explored with a christ-centered mindset.

Kristin Tatum
What I love about MBCC: the sense of real community, our passion for social justice, and how we value discussing different points of view.
What I love about living in the Bay Area: I love being close to many beautiful parks to walk and hike in.

Marc Jung
We have our own unique style here at MBCC. However, at the same time, we are an active part of the denomination leadership, not standing outside looking in.
I’ve always been a city person, so I would be bored in the suburbs. Everyone uses public transit a lot in San Francisco, so we don’t have to worry so much about gas prices and parking meters most of the time.

Natalie Donnell
My favorite SF pastimes are sunset glen park walks, picnics on pier 7, Dolores park on sunny days and runs along ocean beach. I love Mbcc for its unique and funny personality and because it helps guide me on my journey to being a good and decent human. The prayer of St. Francis is an inspiration to me in my faith.

Tom Pack
I love that San Francisco has embraced people and communities who were rejected elsewhere: immigrants, hippies, LGBT people, and others. I love San Francisco’s cool weather, the beautiful views from every corner of the city and nearby areas, and that San Franciscans believe in being active members of the community. I love that the community at MBCC, fueled by faith in a reconciling God, embraces Jesus’s concern for the poor, the rejected, and the broken. I love that MBCC constantly challenges me to live out my faith in all areas of my life.